Unicorn Dust One-Piece Swimsuit

Size Guide
Size Length Bust Waist Hip
One Size 68-72 cm / 26.8-28.3 in 72-78 cm / 28.3-30.7 in 64-68 cm / 25.2-26.8 in 86-90 cm / 33.9-35.4 in

Sometimes, unicorns aren't in sight, but they leave behind a trail of something special to remind you that they were: we call that unicorn dust. This pastel-colored bathing suit is exactly that--a visual recreation of unicorn dust. By wearing this swimsuit, you'll wander the waters as an ethereal faerie unicorn, radiating an aura of peace and mystery toward everyone you encounter.

  • Spandex, polyester
  • One size. Please consult Size Guide for measurement details

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