Collaboration Program

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Collaboration Program

Are you a social media influencer and would like to collaborate with Unicornabilia? You've come to the right place. We have a unique collaboration program which we describe in detail in this blog post. It's a bit long but it answers questions that we get asked frequently.

Why collaborate?

Our collaboration program is a mutually beneficial arrangement between us (Unicornabilia) and select influencers on Instagram. We give you -- the influencer -- free products. In return, you post photos with these products on Instagram and tag us in your posts. You also provide us with your photos and give us permission to post them on social media, publish them in our website and use them in our marketing campaigns.

What's in it for you?

We run non-paid collaborations -- there is no cash payment involved. Here's what you gain from collaborating with us:

  • Free products. We typically ship two products per round. For influencers outside the USA, if there are any import duties to be paid at your country, we will be happy to transfer you the required duty amount via PayPal.
  • Recognition. You'll be recognized as a member of a select group of Unicornabilia influencers as you tag us in your posts and stories and we tag you in our posts and stories as a #unicornabeauty.
  • Exposure. You may get quite a few new followers, potentially, from our posts and stories in which you're tagged and mentioned by name.
  • Engagement. We do our best to engage with your posts.

Who is our audience?

Unicornabilia's general audience is made up of people who love trendy accessories, unicorns, mermaids, rainbows, pink and glitter. Our core audience are girls ages 8 to 16. We look for influencers in that same age range, with a stronger preference for ages 10-14.

Who qualifies to be a collaborator?

We receive lots of requests for collaboration every week. The main criteria we use in the selection of influencers for collaboration are the following:

  • Ages: 8-9 (20%), 10-12 (50%), 13-14 (20%), 15+ (10%)
  • Instagram Followers: 10-19K (30%), 20-49K (50%), 50K+ (20%)
  • Location: USA/Canada (50%), UK/Europe (30%), Australia/Asia (10%), Latin America (10%)
  • Style: Urban, modern, trendy, stylish, fun -- the Unicornabilia look
  • Posted Photos: Good composition, creativity and overall quality
It's not an easy task for us to choose influencers from among so many highly qualified candidates. Please don't take it personally if you're not selected immediately -- we may still consider you for future rounds.

    How do we measure and rank your performance as a collaborator?

    While there is some subjectivity in our assessment of your performance, we are very metrics oriented and use an internal grading system based on the following criteria:

    • Quality of photos: The overall quality of the photos you take is by far the most important performance metric for us. We don't expect you take or provide professional photos -- a smart phone can yield great results. We'll go over what's specifically important to us regarding photos in the next question.
    • Timeliness: 2-3 weeks from receipt of the products is a reasonable time window for photos/postings. Anything longer than 4 weeks has an adverse impact on our plans.
    • Engagement: We love it when our collaborators show special support to our brand and engage with our posts. We do our best to engage with yours. We love to feel you're part of our business family and that we actively support each other. We also love it when you take a minute to leave a brief review of the products we send you (you can do it anonymously if you prefer).

    What do we expect regarding your photos?

    As mentioned above, good photos are the most important element of our collaboration program. We do it for the photos, more than for the influence. We often use the photos on our website and marketing campaigns. We recognize that your photos need to work for you and your own style and audience. Here's what's important from our perspective, for your reference:

    • Variety: We like to get at least 3 shots for each product. Sometimes the shot that's best for you doesn't work well for us.
    • Composition: We always post square photos. Your photos don't have to be square, but keep that in mind when you compose your photos so that they can be cropped into a square format that does not leave out your face or the product :)
    • Style: We trust your choice of outfits that go with our accessories. In doubt, go for a modern, urban look.
    • Background: We prefer backgrounds that are not too busy. Also, we're not crazy about green or dark brown backgrounds -- but it's up to you.
    • Resolution: This is critical, but if you're not familiar with pixels, don't stress -- the bottom line is that the higher the resolution, the better. Smartphone pictures work just fine as long as you don't crop them too much. If you are familiar with pixels, this is what we mean: We will ultimately shape your photos in three possible formats (in pixels): 1000x1000 (main), 900x1600 (stories) and 1750x1000 (banners, less frequently). Considering that some cropping is often required, we generally prefer photos that have at least 1600 pixels in each dimension. Unfortunately, we can't use photos that are blurry or have too low resolution (less than 1000 pixels in any dimension). Photos you can with your smartphone typically have at least 2000 pixels in each dimension -- so that shouldn't be an issue. We always ask that you e-mail your photos to us at using the "original size" (not reduced size). You may have to send each photo in a separate e-mail to avoid compression by your e-mail app. Please don't send us screenshots, and feel free to send us unedited photos -- we'll be happy to do all the editing.

    How will we use your photos?

    We usually perform some small editing on the photos you send us and then use them as follows:

    • Instagram. You don't need to wait for us to post first -- you can always post whenever you want. We have a pre-planned posting schedule based on product type and other factors. We typically plan two-weeks in advance and make adjustments to the plan as needed. Sometimes we may decide to "cut the line" and post your photo quickly. Other times we may decide to wait to post it on a specific date related to a calendar event or product release. If there are several photos, we may post them over time, with 10-20 days in-between postings, typically. We will always tag you when posting your pictures on Instagram. If it's the first picture on a multi-picture post, we will also mention you by name in the caption, along with the flag of your country.
    • Website. We may include some of your photos in the photo gallery for each product, as a collection cover photo, or as a banner.
    • Marketing Campaigns. From time to time, we may include some of your photos in our e-mail marketing campaigns, as banners or as part of short videos featuring specific products or collections.

    Participation in our collaboration program implies your agreement (your parent's agreement, actually) to the above uses.

    How do we select which products to collaborate with?

    Not all of our products are available for collaboration at any specific moment. For a list of products which are currently available, click here. We will work with you to jointly select from this list what we'll send to your for collaboration. We typically send two products to each collaborator in each round. We ask that you give us 5-6 candidates to choose from.

    it's important to us that you feel really good about the products you are promoting. We'll work together to make sure that's always the case.

    How to apply to participate in our program?

    If you have reviewed our Collaboration Program details and would like to participate, just DM us on Instagram and you'll be considered for our next round. Please give us a feeling for your style or preferences by indicating which are your 5-6 favorite products from among those available in our collaboration product list.

    Note: We expect to be communicating with your parent or have your parent's authorization to communicate directly with you.

    How often do we choose new collaborators?

    For the most part, we manage our collaborations in quarterly rounds that coincide with our launch of new products. We select collaborators for each round typically in February, April, July and October. About 50% of the collaborators in each round are new (first time) and 50% are repeat collaborators.

    Can you tag us a business partner on your collaboration posts?

    Yes, absolutely.

    How many rounds of collaboration do we do with each influencer?

    If we're mutually happy with our collaboration, we can do many rounds of collaboration. We may skip a round or two with you based on the type and compatibility of the products included in each round, but then resume the collaboration later on.

    We like to think of collaboration as a long-term partnership.


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    Ellamae Heintzelman
    Ellamae Heintzelman

    June 03, 2020

    Thank you for the info! My Mom and I will DM a list of our favorite products. Excited to be considered!

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